Kaerati Villa Aigina


240 s.m. Villa with Pool, Sea View, & Football Field
that can accommodate up to 14 Guests

Situated on the stunning island of Aegina, this modern 7-bedroom villa offers its guests a luxurious stay amidst breathtaking natural surroundings and sweeping panoramic views. Its spacious and comfortable interiors provide a welcoming retreat, while the villa’s refreshing swimming pool and carefully designed outdoor space enhance the overall experience. The contemporary design seamlessly integrates with the island’s serene surroundings, creating a perfect balance between modern living and the tranquillity of Aegina. Whether lounging by the pool or enjoying the scenic vistas, guests can unwind in a relaxed atmosphere. Discover a delightful escape, where comfort and simplicity align harmoniously with the captivating beauty of the landscape.

Kaerati Villa - Aigina


Villa’s Highlights

7 Bedrooms

Kaerati Villa - Aigina

Luxurious 7-bedroom holiday villa surrounded by tranquillity. This sunny retreat offers comfort, breathtaking views, and an unforgettable escape into natural beauty.

Pool & BBQ

Kaerati Villa - Aigina

Leisure and serenity by the poolside in beautifully arranged outdoor space. The addition of a BBQ area enhances the culinary charm amidst the natural landscape and stunning views.

Football Field

Kaerati Villa - Aigina

Outdoor fun at the villa’s compact football field. The place provides guests with a recreational space for matches and fitness, enhancing the overall holiday experience.

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